Spring Schedule 2019

Spring Schedule 2019

Thomas smiles in profile before brilliant yellow ginko trees.
Photo by Ryan Mintz

This spring, CoLab is partnering with the School of Coffee at Coffee Lab International.  The School of Coffee is a state-of-the-art, certified lab and training space located in Waterbury Center, VT.

Links to all registration can be found here –https://www.coffee-school.com/sca-certification-classes.html

Class Offerings

Professional Sensory Skills – April 2nd – 5th

Over the course of four days, we will examine the how and why behind our sensory experiences to leave with an outline to develop Sensory Plans that work or improve your business. This course is intended for individuals with a Sensory Intermediate certification.

$1750 – SCA members

$1825 – non-SCA members

Intermediate Sensory Skills – April 16th and 17th

During this two-day intensive we will use tools to evaluate individuals sensory capabilities including recognizing intensities, rating quality, describing flavors and body, and evaluating current business practices to establish possible    improvements.

$780 – SCA members

$875 – non-SCA members

Intermediate Brewing Skills – April 18th and 19th

Two-day intensive, exploring the science and hands-on variables necessary to produce a coffee with optimum balance. We will have access and explain key points in coffee brewing history, brew, measure, graph, and adjust recipes to produce a cup of coffee that is balanced, and evaluate brewed coffee to identify areas of improvement related to roast level, temperature, filter, water quality, turbulence, water temperature, and recipe

$780 – SCA members

$875 – non-SCA members

Interested in something else? We have much to offer. Send us an email and we can start the conversation!

CONTACT – info@colabcooperative.org


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