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Thomas Ameloot uses his deep understanding of human behavior and communication to deliver training sessions in relaxed environments which cater to adult learning, creating trust and long-lasting understanding.

Thomas can help with Food Safety and Quality Management Systems, Sensory, Training, and Certifications programs, Coffee and Food history and preparation standards, and sustainable Business Development.

He is a board member, and social justice advocate. He supports Life in My Days as Director of Operations.

Thomas is happy to assist you with needs as small as answering compliance questions, document creation, and single training events to large-scale projects like development of comprehensive systems to meet internal and external needs. He helped shape the SCA education program as Co-Founder and Chair for the Coffee Taster Certification/Coffee Taster Pathway. 

Experience includes 23 years’ employment in Food and Beverage industry with intensive Farm to Consumer experience.

  • Multiple Facility Implementation of Quality Management Systems
    • SQF – Level 3,
    • Internal and External Audit,
    • CAPA,
    • Customer Service Program,
    • Environmental Monitoring,
    • Document Control,
    • Training;

Customer and Farmer Relations; Quality standard development and management for over 150 farm supply chain – International Markets, Exports, Wholesale Accounts – Costco, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sam’s, Walmart, Dunkin’, Starbucks, Kraft, etc.

Education and Professional Certificates

Culinary Arts – Macomb Community College; STEM – Vermont State Colleges

Additional Certifications:

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